Revolutionising the way Founders and Senior Leaders Access the Training they Need to be Valuable Spokespeople

The Brand Champion Bootcamp is one of a kind. 

A SaaS eLearning Platform offering individuals access to high-quality media training and presentation skills training to promote and safeguard their Brands.

Personal branding is on the rise. Make sure you're equipped with the skills to master public speaking by becoming a member of Brand Chamion Bootcamp.


What will you Gain?

  • Knock it out of the park with simple & easy to implement strategies when you‚Äôre crunched for time -¬†Module 5
  • Master the secrets of handling any question with grace and impact -¬†Module 4
  • Skilfully¬†convert your knowledge into interesting anecdotes and punchy quotes -¬†Module 3
  • Make sure¬†your audience hangs on your every word -¬†Module 2
  • Handle any negative comment or situation that WILL come your way -¬†Module 8
  • Confidently¬†cement your message in your audiences‚Äô mind¬†-¬†Module 6
  • Know how to leverage the speaking platforms that will provide the biggest ROI¬†-¬†Module 7
  • Get laser-focused on your area of expertise¬†- Module¬†1
  • Gain¬†a¬†PowerBook¬†of Programme Cliff Notes -¬†Module 9

 *As you go through the modules and have any questions ask them in the comments below the video and I’ll reply within one business day. 

*Includes follow along pdf downloadable workbooks to personalise your training



Hi! I'm Rebecca,


I am incredibly passionate that anyone tasked with building a business should feel confident in being authentic, credible and engaging as a spokesperson.

And to do so - should have access to high-quality media training without breaking budgets. 

I have helped hundreds of senior leaders around the world become great at public speaking.

I have done this through running corporate workshops for world-leading, multinational organisations, but I only have so much time available, and yet a wealth of knowledge to share. 

I founded the Brand Champion Bootcamp to be able to offer every insight possible from my 25+ years of guiding and coaching senior leaders in an accessible, affordable programme.

This is unique and ultimately industry-leading. It's packed full of high-quality self-learning training and backed with live group coaching to ensure every member gains maximum value for their investment.

This is also only the first stage of an amazing journey. If building a business and personal brand is important to you, watch this space! 



"Straight to the point. Immediate value. Creates awareness of things you do well and things you shouldn't be doing!"


“A comprehensive course giving me the tools to better present myself and my company"


“It was very helpful training. It gives me insight on how I can prepare myself better for presentations and interviews and how I can further develop myself in this area."



“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 



“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.” 

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