Handling Tricky Questions

Stay in control AND keep your audience engaged, whatever the question!




Learn the secrets to success:

Actionable Steps to handle ANY question with ease.



Master the confidence 

to standout and be a credible, engaging spokesperson

whatever the situation



Seize each question as an opportunity to tell your brand story

and be the representative your Brand deserves


Never worry again about questions that might come your way 

Knowing you will handle even those you can't or don't want to answer with ease, grace, and confidence

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From your Host, Founder of the Brand Champion Bootcamp,
Rebecca Jabbar:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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'I've trained hundreds of Founders and Senior Leaders around the world to step up and be the Brand Champion their business deserves. 
And across the board, participants provide the following feedback, 'the bit on how to effectively handle tricky questions is a game changer for me'
And I'm now going to teach you the same secrets to success.

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Live Webinar

60-minutes of proven theory and live Q&A. This training is worth hundreds of pounds - don't miss out!

15 Actionable Steps

Including how to prepare effectively, control your body language (when it gets tough), and be credible

Storytelling Tips

To be an effective spokesperson you need to standout as a storyteller - even when the questions are hard

Skills for Success

Gain everything you need to minimise anxiety and maximise ROI on speaker engagement Q&As


Why is this important?

Let me tell you a story.... 


On April 20th, 2010, an oil rig explosion killed 11 workers and injured 17 others.

Over 130 million gallons of crude oil were pumped into the Gulf of Mexico. 16,000 miles of coastline was affected, and the world watched as the oil poured into one of the world’s most biodiverse marine habitats for 87 days.

800,000 birds died in coastal and offshore waters as a result, and thousands of turtles and mammals were also reported dead.


When being questioned about the situation, BP CEO Tony Hayward replied,

‘There’s no one who wants this thing over more than I do. I’d like my life back’.

It was a human response, a tired, stressed human response.

But it was an entirely unacceptable, even unforgivable response.

For the families of those who had died,

for the workers clearing up the spill,

for the wildlife maimed and killed.


Why did he respond in this way?

Because he hadn’t been properly trained to deal with questions appropriately.

In this, he was a weak leader.

His ill-response to the crisis and statements like these pushed the BP shares down a further 5% (total 35% drop)

Reputation is everything. And the person leading from the front hold's their Brand's reputation in their hands.

How you respond to questions can make or break your Brand.

I don’t want this to happen to you.


So I’m giving you my best thing from the Brand Champion Bootcamp.

You may have prepared for your presentation,

even be the best expert for an upcoming media or podcast interview,

but what are you going to do when a question comes from left field that you can’t or just don’t want to answer?

When ‘no comment’ just won’t cut it?


This WILL happen to you.

You don’t need to have an oil spill to be in the firing line.

But if you know the secrets of preparing for Q&As,

you can easily handle even the trickiest of questions.

Or just to make sure that you stay in control of the topic,

your message,

and what your audience takes away


Let me share my secrets to successfully handling questions like a pro

So all the great things you want to share can truly shine. 


"Don't let how you respond to questions affect how we perceive you or your Brand

Let me help"

Rebecca x