How to be more authentic, credible, and confident as a Company Spokesperson.




Do you want to build your confidence or hone your spokesperson skills?

Do any of these sound like you?

You get nervous before a speaker engagement because of questions you can’t or don’t want to answer

You know Personal Branding is a big thing but you worry something’s missing in your performance

You want to promote your business in the best way - as yourself

You know how to prep for an investor pitch but not for a media interview

You have your Founder story to tell but don’t know how to elevate it beyond a ‘back story’

You want to be a Brand Champion, but you don’t know what to talk about or how to prep for success

You’re confident in speaking to customers but this dies when it comes to speaking publicly

You’ve never been a spokesperson, but are ready to step up to have this responsibility

…Then the Brand Champion Bootcamp is the place for you!

Secure Your Place Now!

The Brand Champion Bootcamp is perfect if you want to:

Be confident in
preparing quickly and
effectively for speaker
engagements (podcasts, webinars,
internal communications,
journalist interviews etc.)

Know how to
communicate clearly and
successfully in a crisis

Align your brand and
corporate messaging
whilst being authentic so
that you’re listened to
and understood

Understand your
audience and how best to
give them value

Know how to handle
questions you can’t or
don’t want to answer

Deliver your messages
with impact

How much time will it take?

2.5 Hours per week for four weeks

Each Week you will receive access to two new Course Modules

Set aside 15-20 minutes to digest the theory for each Module (watch the videos or download audio files or transcripts)

Then allow up to 30 minutes per module to do the tasks in your Workbook

And finally, attend the one-hour live coaching call each week for four weeks to make sure you squeeze as much value out of the Bootcamp as possible!

You will then have a comprehensive resource portal to access for another five months whenever you need it.

Need to chat it through?

A comprehensive resource portal, kick-started with four-weeks of live coaching.

Video & Audio tutorials supported by downloadable resources span media training and presentation skills training, helping you to be the very best you can be at representing your business

Brilliant for changing
how you think about things

Powerful, straight forward
to understand concepts

 Tech Founder 

I’ve learnt so much

and have a completely different, more positive perspective on what to do and how to get the right message across

Business Development Director, International Energy Company

Rebecca’s training
is amazing’

MA, Vice President, Corporate Communications

6 Months' Full Access to Online Course PLUS BONUS Four Weeks of Live Coaching for JUST £997



  •  1x 6-month licence providing access to the 'Brand Champion Bootcamp' comprehensive online training course (worth £1750)
  •  Access to 1x live online group roleplay workshop (worth £250) 
  •  PLUS 4 weeks of live online one-hour coaching workshops to kick-start success (worth £1500)

 All of the above

Just £997 + vat


  •  Multiple licences
  •  6-month's access to the 'Brand Champion Bootcamp' comprehensive online training course for each licenced user
  •  Bi-annual company-branded live online group roleplay workshops for up to four licenced users



Still not sure? Whether you're an individual or considering multiple licences, book a 20-minute call with me so that we can discuss your specific challenges and make sure that this programme is the right fit for you.


Rebecca Jabbar
Founder, Brand Champion Bootcamp

I have trained hundreds of start-up founders and company spokespeople in how to effectively Champion their Brand. Each of these spokespeople have expressed just how useful and enjoyable each of their sessions were – but there was always a catch. Time.

Time to explore insights in greater depth, time to get to the heart of being an individual and being authentic, time for me to share the true wealth of knowledge that I have. Ultimately, even a day’s workshop can only cover so much.

So, I set about collating all my experience, the feedback from those I had trained on the challenges they faced, the abundance of great tips that I have – all into one place. One comprehensive, easily accessible and intuitive Bootcamp.

Proud to have worked with these Brands: