Be  Listened to, Understood, and Remembered when Public Speaking




Welcome to the Brand Champion Bootcamp!

All The Best Media & Presentation Tools

You Need in one Place


Do any of these sound like you?

You suffer from Public Speaking anxiety

You want to feel confident, whatever the opportunity

You want to be engaging and memorable 

You want to easily handle tricky questions

You want to help your brand stand out from its competition

You want the skills to be an authentic, credible, and engaging speaker

…Then the Brand Champion Bootcamp is the place for you!

You know you need to promote your business - people buy from people after all... 

We're in an age where there are so many great opportunities to promote our brand. Podcasts, media interviews, webinars, guest slots in Zoom meet-ups...

But what if this doesn't come naturally to you?

And how will you make sure that your audience is interested in what you have to say? 

And that they will remember you after you have left the room? 


25 years of experience of training Globally-recognised brands has been packed into this Bootcamp. Don't miss out!

You will learn how to:

  • Manage anxiety and increase confidence by knowing what and how to prepare
  • Be more than just a 'one hit wonder' - getting booked for interviews and guest slots time and time again
  • Create storytelling narratives
  • Make sure you're remembered - for the right reasons!
  • Handle any question like a pro 
  • Elevate your knowledge to be a true Thought Leader 
  • Confidently navigate all of the different opportunities to wear your Brand Champion Hat
  • Stay calm and confident in a crisis


What can you expect?

You will have access to:

  • 3 hours and 45 minutes of proven and successful training to undertake when you wish
  • Nine workbooks to support self study
  • Two hours of live coaching calls to access when it suits you best
A total of six months' access to a comprehensive resource portal to rely on whenever you need to wear your Brand Champion Hat.


Need to chat it through?

Brilliant for changing
how you think about things

Powerful, straight forward
to understand concepts

 Tech Founder 

I’ve learnt so much

and have a completely different, more positive perspective on what to do and how to get the right message across

Business Development Director, International Energy Company

Rebecca’s training
is amazing’

MA, Vice President, Corporate Communications

Access the nine comprehensive Brand Champion Bootcamp Modules PLUS Two Hours of Live Coaching for JUST £495+VAT


Rebecca Jabbar
Founder, Brand Champion Bootcamp

I have trained hundreds of start-up founders and company spokespeople around the world to effectively Champion their Brand. Each of these spokespeople have expressed just how useful and enjoyable their training was – but there was always a catch. Time.

Time to explore insights in greater depth, time to get to the heart of being an individual and being authentic, time for me to share the true wealth of knowledge that I have.

Ultimately, even a day’s workshop can only cover so much.

So, I set about collating all my experience, the feedback from those I had trained on the challenges they faced, the abundance of great tips that I have – all into one place.

One comprehensive, easily accessible and intuitive Bootcamp.

I'm passionate about helping anyone needing to represent their business as a spokesperson feel confident in being authentic, credible, and engaging.

And I'd love to help you.

Proud to have worked with these Brands: