Helping Spokespokespeople successfully Promote and Protect their Brand

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Do you want your spokespeople to easily access proven Media Training and Presentation Skills training anytime it's needed? 


Do you want to help build confidence or hone your spokespersons' skills?

Do any of these sound like your organisation?

There is sometimes a need for last-minute media training - but matching availability isn't always possible

You have spokespeople who have had media interviews before, but something tends to be missing in their performance

You organise a media training workshop only to have someone drop out at the last-minute

You have people in mind that could be potential spokespeople but things are too busy to test their capability

You are considering (or have) an authorised or certification spokesperson programme and a foundation level of self-learning would be beneficial

Your spokespeople have had media training before but you'd like them to have access to trusted tips and tools to help them refresh their knowledge in advance of future engagement

…Then the Brand Champion Bootcamp might just be your answer!

Your Company-branded eLearning Resource

The Brand Champion Bootcamp can help your Spokespeople:

Be confident in
preparing quickly and
effectively for speaker
engagements (press conferences,
Q&As, journalist interviews,
podcasts etc.)

Know how to
communicate clearly and
successfully in a crisis

Align their brand and
corporate messaging
whilst being authentic so
that they are listened to
and understood

Understand their
audience and how best to
give them value

Know how to handle
questions they can’t or
don’t want to answer

Deliver their messages
with impact

Brilliant for changing
how you think about things

especially if you don’t have a background in speaking to the media’

Head of Marketing, International Technology Company

I’ve learnt so much

and have a completely different, more positive perspective on what to do and how to get the right message across

Business Development Director, International Energy Company

This training
is amazing’

MA, Vice President, Corporate Communications

Access to training when they need it most.

What your Corporate Licence Includes

Your company logo and video on the User Homepage

A tailored survey for your users to complete when they've undertaken the course

CPD-certified training to align with Learning & Development goals

Discounted roleplay workshops for users who have completed the Bootcamp

Regular reviews to ensure value and alignment with marcomms goals 

Subscription payment options available

... And 12 months' access per licence as an ongoing resource portal

Happy Clients


Powerful, straight forward
to understand concepts’

JvO, Managing Director

A great course, which helped to look at how to deal with the media and what they might be asking. Also helped me understand what I need to work on.

TM, Head of Product Marketing

It has helped me to see interviews as an opportunity rather than a risk. I also now feel confident to help the journalist to write a nice story’

JG, Managing Director

Rebecca Jabbar
Founder, Brand Champion Bootcamp

I have trained hundreds of start-up founders and company spokespeople in how to effectively Champion their Brand. Each of these spokespeople have expressed just how useful and enjoyable each of their sessions were – but there was always a catch. Time.

Time to explore insights in greater depth, time to get to the heart of being an individual and being authentic, time for me to share the true wealth of knowledge that I have. Ultimately, even a day’s workshop can only cover so much.

So, I set about collating all my experience, the feedback from those I had trained on the challenges they faced, the abundance of great tips that I have – all into one place. One comprehensive, easily accessible and intuitive Bootcamp.

Proud to have worked with these Brands: