CPD-certified Training to Help you Deliver with Impact

Are you one of the 72% of the population who struggles with public speaking or you don’t know how to get good at it? 

Are you required (or do you want) to deliver strong presentations, or plan to take part in Podcasts, Journalist Interviews, Panel Discussion etc. and want to nail them, first time?

This is the course for you! 

  • Become great at public speaking 
  • Find it easy to be credible, engaging and entertaining,
  • Feel calm and never stressed about what to say
  • Be confident you will get your message across with impact 

You’ll soon look forward to every opportunity to speak on behalf of your team, department or business. 

And gain the recognition you deserve. 

Why are Spokesperson Skills so Important?


They are Essential for Effective Communication
Being a senior manager, and especially representing your business externally, requires the ability to communicate messages clearly, accurately and persuasively.

Having the skills to navigate the various platforms to represent your business are necessary in an age where people buy from people - and those around you are watching and learning from you and how you handle things that come your way


They Help Promote and Safeguard Image and Reputation
The more senior you are, the more your organisation's stakeholders will look to you to represent the brand effectively.

A skilled spokesperson can help build and maintain a positive perception of the brand


They Enable the Ability to Adapt

Presentations, podcasts, keynote speeches, media interviews, Town Hall meetings, panel discussions... spokespeople are able to adapt to different situations.

Being able to tailor messages to suit different audiences and platforms is a valuable skills


They Guide Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

It's not just what you're saying but what you look and sound like when you're saying it.

Being able to be mindful of body language, tone of voice and other nonverbal cues is a must as it's these that influence an audience's perception most. 

"A comprehensive course giving me the tools to better present myself and my company"

Product Manger

You Don’t Need a Great Voice, Have a Great Presence, or Even Look Good


Think about a presenter you've  enjoyed listening to or even admired.

What tends to come through is their sincerity, authenticity, and ability to appear natural even when delivering corporate messages - that’s why they’re impressive and memorable.

There are only 3 things you need to do:

  1. Find your true voice - so you’re interesting and compelling
  2. Become expert at handling any question with grace, poise and confidence
  3. Develop magnetic messages so you’re listened to and remembered


and that’s where I come in,
I have a system
I know the tricks 

- and I’d love to share them with you 

Insightful on how to be a better spokesperson and presenter at any level you are already. THANK YOU!

Product Marketing

Really useful! Not only for media specific training but also general presenting skills and confidence

Sales Manager

A powerful toolset to stay in control during an interview and deliver my own message

CISO, The RIPE Network Coordination Centre

Learn new Skills or Hone what you have with the 

Brand Champion Bootcamp

You get:

Immediate Access

As soon as you sign up you get immediate 24- hour online access

4 hours of Concise Video Training

Broken down into 8 core (+ one PowerBook) modules, each with bite-sized 3-5 minute videos

Workbooks for Each Module

(9 total) to help you immediately turn the learnings into personalised actionable steps

2 Additional Hours of Live Group Coaching

Helping you to cement your learning with the course creator and founder, Rebecca Jabbar


CPD Credits and a CPD Certificate when you have completed the course


You Can Digest The Entire System In Less Than a Day.

  • Knock it out of the park with simple & easy to implement strategies when you’re crunched for time - Module 5
  • Master the secrets of handling any question with grace and impact - Module 4
  • Skilfully convert your knowledge into interesting anecdotes and punchy quotes - Module 3
  • Make sure your audience hangs on your every word - Module 2
  • Handle any negative comment or situation that WILL come your way - Module 8
  • Confidently cement your message in your audiences’ mind - Module 6
  • Know how to leverage the speaking platforms that will provide the biggest ROI - Module 7
  • Get laser-focused on your area of expertise - Module 1
  • Gain a PowerBook of Programme Cliff Notes - Module 9


*As you go through the modules and have any questions ask them in the comments below the video and I’ll reply within one business day. 

*Includes follow along pdf downloadable workbooks to personalise your training

"Working with the Brand Champion Bootcamp was SO valuable. The Bootcamp's mix of  video messages and the modules make for an illuminating and enlightening experience with easy to understand and remember information and suggestions. I absolutely recommend the Brand Champion Bootcamp ato anyone who will be speaking in any capacity about their business and brand."

Startup Founder

What’s the Investment?

The Brand Champion Bootcamp programme is worth over £1500, but we want as many people as possible to have an opportunity to become great presenters and speakers. 

Your investment today is ONLY £645+VAT for speaking success


Gain Important Skills alongside CPD Credits


Bonus # 1 Ask Rebecca Anything Group Coaching Calls

Access to x2 one-hour live “Ask Me Anything” interactive workshop. These calls are offered 7 times a week (attend both within 6 months of joining) making it easy to find a time that works for you when you need it most. 

Value £750

Bonus #2: Message Rebecca with Course Material Questions     

Never be stuck or confused with the course materials with my lifeline SOS … shoot me any question in the video comments, DM me on Facebook or email me and I’ll reply within one business day (within your first 6 months) 

Value £400


*The price of the programme will go to £895+VAT in February 2024 and continue to rise until we reach £1500

Iron-Clad 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason the training just doesn’t work for you, or you’re not satisfied with the course or materials, simply send me an email and I’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.


Earn CPD Credits Whilst Gaining Important Soft Skills

P.S. How much longer are you prepared to not deliver your best, when the tools to truly leverage the power of you are here right now to get all that done?

P.P.S. If You Scrolled Down Here First, Which Some Of Us Do …

Here are some of the highlights you've missed:

🎤 You can become expert at preparing for, delivering and nailing any interview, podcast or presentation… Guaranteed!

🎤 What others are saying: “ I’ve had to wing it for podcasts and interviews - which worries me that I’ve not come across well... This training helped me get laser focused and do a good job”

🎤 The on-demand training with live coaching support calls ensure you have all the tools & techniques you need to make the most of EVERY speaking opportunity

🎤 Never get stuck or confused with my ‘Ask Me Anything’ and ‘Message Me Course Questions’ Bonuses

🎤 Sign up today to secure your place as your Brand’s Champion at £695+VAT before the price continues to rise to £1500+VAT

🎤 If you don’t get what you need from the training, I’ll give you a no questions asked full refund


Feel Confident in being a Credible Presenter and  Spokesperson.

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