Enjoy Public Speaking!

You already know you have to represent and promote your business

To network, and do podcasts, media interviews and panel discussions.

But what if you’re one of the 72% of the population who struggles with public speaking or you don’t know how to get good at it? 

Discover the ultimate best practices:

  • Become great at public speaking¬†
  • Make it easy for you to be credible, engaging and entertaining,
  • Feel calm and never stressed about what to say
  • Be confident you will get your message across with impact¬†

You’ll soon look forward to every opportunity to speak to the media, investors, customers and other stakeholders.

So you fulfill your purpose as the respected, strong leader your business deserves.

What Makes the Greatest Brands Successful?


Why is Apple a trillion dollar company?
Because Steve Jobs was an exceptional story teller 

Why is Tesla worth almost half a trillion dollars?
Because Elon Musk delivers captivating and engaging messages

Successful businesses are the ones which have powerful speakers

And I can help you do that … it’s not as hard as you think


Why can’t you be the next Steve Jobs? 

Once you know what he knew about public speaking,  

And how easy it is when you speak from your authentic self (and not a dry script!)

You’ll always be prepared and ready to go, anytime, for any speaking opportunity

You’ll look forward to being on the frontline 

"I won't lie. I suffered from a crash of confidence before journalist interviews. I now have the tools to manage this with ease - and focus on success."

MD, Tech Scale-up

You Don’t Need a Great Voice, Have a Great Presence, or Even Look Good

Think about Winston Churchill, he was a funny looking guy

To some, Elon Musk has a funny accent. 

What always comes through is their sincerity and who they are - that’s why they’re impressive and memorable.

There are only 3 things you need to do:

  1. Find your true voice - so you’re interesting and compelling
  2. Become expert at handling any question with grace, poise and confidence
  3. Develop magnetic messages so you’re listened to and remembered


and that’s where I come in,
I have a system
I know the tricks 

- and I’d love to share them with you 

Sign up Today: £645
Sign up Today: 3-month Payment Plan

"A powerful toolset to stay in control during an interview and deliver my own message”

CISO, Multinational Organisation

How I came to Figure this Stuff Out and Why Should you Listen to Me

In the late-1990s, my PR job was to help .com boom startups and CEOs of international companies prepare for speaking opportunities.

They had to develop an effective message, and more importantly – deliver it with authenticity and complete confidence

Fast forward 12 years … as a busy senior leader, part of my job was to represent the business in presentations, videos, and interviews. In essence be the spokesperson. 

My prep time was extremely limited, yet I had to be amazing to attract the audience we needed - just like you do.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. 

Having to become laser-focused in preparing for outstanding performances in the shortest period of time, 

led to developing a fool-proof training process to help ANYONE prepare for any type of speaking opportunity at a moment’s notice. 

This is the same system you will have access to. 

But There’s So Much To Do and Only So Many Hours In A Day 

You wear numerous hats, you’re handling all the additional responsibilities of a leader leaving you with little extra time. 

You’re no doubt also dealing with concerned parents, stressed-out partners, children, pets, admin demands and more 

So you need to ensure anything you invest time in will actually work

And you just can’t show up, wing it, and hope for the best … 

that could do more harm than good …

"I don’t have time to prepare, and often have to wing it for podcasts and interviews - which worries me that I’ve not come across well at all. This training has helped me get laser focused and do a good job. Thank you!”

Founder, Software Startup

Stop Standing on the Sidelines Watching Others Excel

Do you watch other businesses gain attention, funding and customers?

You know, the ones who stand out from the crowd and leave the competition behind

It’s because they have a charismatic leader at the front

And that’s what you need to become …

An expert at preparing for, delivering and nailing any interview, podcast or presentation… 

What Life as a Confident Speaker Looks Like

You’ll know exactly what and how to prepare quickly to nail any media interview

Your target audience and dream investors will pay more attention to you now that you have a set of simple yet effective tools that leverage your limited time 

Your confidence will soar, enabling you to focus 100% of your energy on delivering value


So if you want to 

  • Build relationships fast - to get quicker brand buy in
  • Have a full diary of speaking engagements - to increase awareness
  • Be seen as a respected, sought after leader in your field¬†

Brand Champion Bootcamp is for you. 

Sign up Today for £645

"I was initially nervous about interviews but Rebecca’s training was really great at making me feel comfortable”

Product Marketing Manager, Tech Company


  • Your team being proud you‚Äôre their leader¬†
  • Parents, family & friends, recognising and appreciating your hard work¬†¬†
  • Being asked to speak, feeling prepared, confident and even excited as you step into the limelight
  • Hearing, ‚ÄėI read about you!‚Äô
  • Investors congratulating you for being a great role model and representative¬†
  • Achieving a significant buyout

That's What Brand Champion Bootcamp is all About

You get:

Immediate Access

As soon as you sign up you get immediate 24- hour online access

4 hours of Concise Video Training

Broken down into 8 core (+ one PowerBook) modules, each with bite-sized 3-5 minute videos

Workbooks for Each Module

(9 total) to help you immediately turn the learnings into personalised actionable steps


You Can Digest The Entire System In Less Than a Day.

  • Knock it out of the park with simple & easy to implement strategies when you’re crunched for time - Module 5
  • Master the secrets of handling any question with grace and impact - Module 4
  • Skilfully convert your knowledge into interesting anecdotes and punchy quotes - Module 3
  • Make sure your audience hangs on your every word - Module 2
  • Handle any negative comment or situation that WILL come your way - Module 8
  • Confidently cement your message in your audiences’ mind - Module 6
  • Know how to leverage the speaking platforms that will provide the biggest ROI - Module 7
  • Get laser-focused on your area of expertise - Module 1
  • Gain a PowerBook of Programme Cliff Notes - Module 9


*As you go through the modules and have any questions ask them in the comments below the video and I’ll reply within one business day. 

*Includes follow along pdf downloadable workbooks to personalise your training

"Great succinct approach to get you media ready. Really enjoyed it!"

VP, Product Management, Cyber Security Company

What’s the Investment?

The Brand Champion Bootcamp programme will be £1500, but during the beta launch we want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to become great speakers. 

Your investment today is ONLY £495+VAT for speaking success


One-off Payment of £645 +VAT
£645 +VAT with a 3-month Payment Plan


Bonus # 1 Ask Rebecca Anything Group Coaching Calls

Access to x2 one-hour live ‚ÄúAsk Me Anything‚ÄĚ interactive workshop. These calls are offered 7 times a week (attend 2 within 6 months of joining) making it easy to find a time that works for you when you need it most.¬†

Value £750

Bonus #2: Message Rebecca with Course Material Questions     

Never be stuck or confused with the course materials with my lifeline SOS … shoot me any question in the video comments, DM me on Facebook or email me and I’ll reply within one business day (within your first 6 months) 

Value £400 


 *The price of the programme will go to £695+VAT at the end of November 2023 and continue to rise until we reach £1500

Iron-Clad 30-Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason the training just doesn’t work for you, or you’re not satisfied with the course or materials, simply send me an email and I’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.


Promote Your Brand Leveraging the Power of You for £645

P.S. How much longer are you prepared to struggle to attract customers, team members, investors and gain freedom, when the tools to truly leverage the power of you are here right now to get all that done?

P.P.S. If You Scrolled Down Here First, Which Some Of Us Do …

Here are some of the highlights you've missed:

ūü駠You can become expert at preparing for, delivering and nailing any interview, podcast or presentation… Guaranteed!

ūü駠What others are saying: “ I’ve had to wing it for podcasts and interviews - which worries me that I’ve not come across well... This training helped me get laser focused and do a good job”

ūü駠The on-demand training with live coaching support calls ensure you have all the tools & techniques you need to make the most of EVERY speaking opportunity

ūü駠Never get stuck or confused with my ‘Ask Me Anything’ and ‘Message Me Course Questions’ Bonuses

ūü駠Quickly create your magnetic message with the What’s Your Message? Masterclass which comes with a personal critique of your message

ūü駠Sign up today to secure your place as your Brand’s Champion at £495+VAT before the price continues to rise to £1500+VAT

ūü駠If you don’t get what you need from the training, I’ll give you a no questions asked full refund


One-off Payment of £645
£645 with a 3-Month Payment Plan